We love to talk! and our team are oh-so-social darling

Social media’s fun, right? Just be yourself, they said. Snap some iPhone pic’s and whack them up along with an inspirational meme or two. Ka-boom. Truth bomb: social media is bloody hard. It’s time-consuming, frustrating and, unless you know your stuff, mostly you get crickets instead of engagement. Maybe you’re doing it all wrong.

Done right, social media can be an innovative, high-potential part of your integrated marketing strategy. It’s all about working out which platforms are right for you and your brand, then planning how to target your markets and measure your results.

Our social media and marketing specialist can sort you out with a strategy and savvy, on-brand content that will have your prospects cartwheeling through your virtual doors. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even the new ones you haven’t heard of yet – we’ve got them all covered including Account setup, Content management and implementation, Facebook advertising and Google Adwords.